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Lip Flag Apparel (AfroVibes & Caribana Ignite Pre-order)

Lip Flag Apparel (AfroVibes & Caribana Ignite Pre-order)

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Embrace the spirit of your nation with our stylish and comfortable lip flag apparel. Available in tank tops for women and unisex shirts and hoodies, each piece is a testament to unity and pride. Enter your country in the text box to customize your choice with the lip flag emblem of your homeland.

Tank Tops (Women’s Fit):

  • Design: Featuring the iconic lip flag emblem, it’s a chic way to display national pride.
  • Colors: Black, white, or grey options to match any outfit.
  • Material: A soft, breathable cotton blend for those hot summer days.

Shirts (Unisex Fit):

  • Design: The lip flag is front and center, making a subtle yet powerful statement.
  • Colors: Timeless black, crisp white, or elegant grey.
  • Material: Premium fabric that’s gentle on the skin and built to last.

Hoodies (Unisex Fit):

  • Design: A prominent lip flag design for those who want to make a bold declaration of their national identity.
  • Colors: Versatile black, pure white, or casual heather grey.
  • Material: A snug mix of cotton and polyester, perfect for staying warm and comfortable.

Order Yours Today! Customize your apparel with your country’s lip flag. Just enter your country in the text box, select your preferred style and color, and you’re all set. Celebrate your heritage with fashion that speaks volumes.

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