About Us

Welcome to Bontle by B.  Are you wondering what Bontle means and how to pronounce it?  Bontle is Setswana and is pronounced "Bon-clay" and means Beauty or Beautiful. I'm so happy you have found us.  Our mission here at Bontle By B is to share with you how beautiful a relationship with Christ can be and what an abundant life we can have with Him.

With our apparel, we want to spark a conversation about faith, the love of Christ and to inspire you in your relationship with Christ. We are also here to remind you that you are beautiful/handsome and that you were made for a purpose and you have everything you need already to begin your journey. 

I was inspired to start this Christian Inspirational Apparel brand by my daughters.  As I inspire them to be proud of their faith I wanted them to have clothing that represents their beliefs.  They inspired me to create Bontle By B. I am showing them how to put God first, step out on Faith, walk out their purpose and they too can change the world.  Look for Bontle Kids launching soon.

As we are a Christian company we will be donating 10% of sales to charities that support women and children. Click here to see which charities we are currently supporting.  

We hope you are inspired by our designs and that we can be a part of your journey in seeing the Beauty of God.  I want to remind you that you are beautiful/handsome and you are loved by your heavenly Father.  Thank you for stopping by, be blessed and have a beautiful day. 

Love Bianca